Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sad news from Scotland

Word from Scotland that one of the world’s great curling publications, The Scottish Curler, may cease operations after the May 2009 issue is, in our opinion, a disaster for the sport’s homeland.

And a damned shame for all curling fans.

A statement, which will appear in the forthcoming March issue, is now posted at the über-popular companion blog, Curling Today.

Clearly there are hopes that the publication may continue, in either print and/or online form... although this might not resemble the product of years past. And a glorious past it is, in which The Scottish Curler has a full three years on The Curling News, having been founded in 1954.

The major reason is financial, but there is also the issue of the upcoming retirement of editor Bob Cowan, pictured above, who first breathed new life into the tome seven years ago. And should an online version continue, we have our doubts as to whether or not it could ever match the sheer volume, quality and passion of Cowan’s output, which began with this wee introductory post almost two years ago.

And what of Curling History, the new blog introduced back in June, which focusses on the sport’s ancient history? While still young at heart and sometimes overlooked by the energy of Curling Today, this effort has found many fans including yours truly. We are big fans of the Roaring Game’s beginnings, and it would be a shame to lose this one, too.

Although the title of this blogpost is all doom-and-gloom, we choose to look to the future with optimism. As such, we wish the owners – and any potential future partners – the best of luck in ensuring this title continues, just as we wish Bob Cowan all the best in his well-deserved retirement!

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Bob Cowan said...

For a moment there, I though I'd died. Thank you for the obit, gk, and your kind words.

Have no fears about the Curling History blog. It is here to stay meantime. One of the opportunities on my retirement as the Scottish Curler editor is that I will have more time to enjoy my studies of the sport's history, as a pupil of David B Smith, curling's guru.

But like you I hope the Scottish Curler name will continue in some form appropriate to this new electronic age in which we find ourself.

I wish TCN continuing success.