Monday, October 24, 2005

Confederation confrontation

With the news of last Thursday's TV announcement still a hot topic of discussion, this coming Thursday could prove to be a pivotal one for the sport in Canada.

As first revealed weeks ago by Allen Cameron, writer for the Calgary Herald and also a correspondent for The Curling News, nine of the eleven-or-so provincial/territorial associations have demanded – and received – a special meeting with the Canadian Curling Association.

The provinces are not happy with confederation. Hmm... does thissoundfamiliarorwhat?

Specifically, the member associations are angry at a perceived lack of communication, arbitrary decision-making and directional planning, and, yes, the TV muckup which while now brought to conclusion captured headlines all summer.

Today's Globe and Mail revisits the issues behind the extraordinary summit, which goes down in Ottawa Oct. 27. Any capital-city volunteer flies-on-the-wall are requested to submit their resumes forthwith.

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Dean Gemmell said...

A rancorous meeting between the federal body and provincial representatives. Confirmation that curling is indeed Canada's national game.