Tuesday, October 18, 2005

You're about to be exploited

Nice piece on The Black Book of Curling in today's Calgary Herald by TCN contributor Allen Cameron. And another great story from Dallas' trip out to B.C. It seems Calgary's Darren Moulding rushed up to BBoC publisher Dallas Bittle just before his game against Moose Jaw's Pat Simmons, wanting to know the stats line on his opponent.

"He (Moulding) decided they had to go all out early because Simmons likes to take control of the game and shut people down from the sixth end onward," quotes Bittle. "They went out and beat them 9-5. Players are realizing that teams have tendencies that can be exploited."

What's next? Will curling team coaches get fired for failing to research opposing team scoring trends? Will Black Books and watching game films become an integral part of off-ice prep?

Cameron goes on to reveal what The Black Book says about scoring late points with hammer on Calgary's John Morris. But we won't share that here; you'll have to pick up a copy yourself. Obviously few of Johnny Mo's opponents last weekend were BBoC readers, as the young turk won the spiel and has $17,000 in the bank this year already...

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