Monday, October 17, 2005

The Last Laugh

"You can't really insult us anymore. It is an Olympic sport."
– Maureen Brunt, 2006 U.S. Olympic curler

That great line is just part of another journo’s story as discussed below (Oct. 14). Yes, the story – this latest one by Nancy Armour of Associated Press – has been picked up by another 40 markets, including San Fran, Detroit, San Jose, Albany, Philly, Biloxi, both Carolinas, Myrtle Beach, KC, Gainsville FL, Tuscaloosa AL, Fort Wayne IN, Kentucky, Georgia, plus both CNN and SI online, and of course in the regular curling bastions of anywhere-in-Wisconsin, anywhere-in-Minnesota, or Seattle WA.

That settles it: this PR tactic is hereby declared an unqualified success, and mucho congrats to USA Curling for making it happen.

As for Ms. Brunt (far right in photo) and her entry for zinger-of-the-year, you can read more about her and her Turin-bound U.S. champs on their nifty website, CurlGirls.

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Dean Gemmell said...

Thanks for picking up the story on the stories in the U.S. I think the opportunity for the sport in the northern states will be big following the Olympics. The huge challenge is finding a way to build more facilities to create more opportunities for people to play the game. I know the interest is there.