Friday, October 28, 2005

Game On!

We're back. The Curling News. Canada's first and only curling newspaper, and the world authority on the sport.

Say what you want about our website (and the weekly Top 10), this new Blog (thanks for all the personal and posted comments folks!), our club fundraising programs like the wicked Travel Rebate Website for curlers and their friends, etc.

It's still the printed page that is our bread and butter. We're now 49 years old and feeling as spry as ever. Here's the cover of the November issue (image), which is off to Canada Post today. Cross your fingers that you'll get your copy next week! If you're a subscriber, that is.

What's that in the top right corner, you ask? Well, just hold on to your seats and make sure you check back here Monday morning. Trust us.

Lots to mention as we head into the weekend:

• For those wanting fireworks, the big CCA-versus-their-own-membership summit meeting was a big fizzle. Our friend Joe was our fly on the wall – for about 45 minutes of the all-day session – and here he tells all. Here's his new blog, by the way, but he hadn't given us any extra summit secrets there yet as of this writing. C'mon Joe, feed us, we're hungry.
Also, TCN's own Allen Cameron has a story, but you must subscribe to the Herald to read it. Here's a teaser from one of the CCA Board members, Graham Prouse of Alta:
"I think the message that got through to me was that we had better not let this lapse in communication happen again. I said that right from the outset – I think we need to disclose everything we can possibly disclose. In fairness, I think the answers were pretty forthright and direct. I cannot think of one question that went unanswered."

Dallas and Gerry have redesigned the Black Book of Curling website, and, wow, it really sings. As CZ disciple and Sportsnet curling guy Ed Lukowich would say, "Zowie!" Check it out...

• Finally, word today that the recent Ford Worlds in Victoria earned 500K on $1.5 million worth of tickets sold. Great stuff considering the gate expectation was about $1.4 million, and that the arena was only about 80% finished when the first rock was thrown. CCA and the World fed get 145K each, while 210K will stay in the Victoria curling community. Not bad.

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Dean Gemmell said...

Cover looks great. Can't wait to get my copy.