Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Curling News: April issue

The April issue, our last of the season, is out... got yours?

• The Brier and STOH, by Larry Wood
• Worlds in Japan
Rodger Schmidt previews the Ford Men’s Worlds
• They Said It: Brier edition
WEB SPECIAL: Ryan Durham on a CCA fear of... Toronto?
Jill Officer on the Grand Slams
• Introducing the Tylenol Players’ Championship
Doug Maxwell on the little paper that could
• 50th Anniversary Retrospective: Buckets, Matty and Woody... plus Ferb on the Jumbotron
WEB SPECIAL: Matt Hames says Brad Gushue wasn’t impatient; he was playing chess
• Eight ends or ten? Larry Wood on the return of a curling debate
• Asham Club Corner: CCA releases the ultimate curling guidebook (and it’s awesome)
• Newsdesk: the curling coin, 2010 venue breaks ground, Schmirler events and Avonlea finale
Teri Lake on the first time
• The Curling News TV Guide
• The Curling News Store

... and more!

Coming soon... the biggest gol-darn collection of curling links you've ever seen. Prepare your click finger(s)...

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