Friday, March 23, 2007

TeriHawk Curling

by Teri Lake

HALIFAX – What the Hawk?

My bags are packed and I’m ready to go. And if it wasn’t for this day-job thingy holding me back, I’d be there already.

I’m heading to the epicentre-du-jour of curling… Port Hawkesbury, NS! (Ahem, epicentre of “men’s” curling this weekend… sorry Aomori).

Whaaaa? I’m going where, you ask?

Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia is the unlikely host to one of the cornerstone events on the (men’s) Asham World Curling Tour circuit: The National. A Grand Slam event, no less. For the second consecutive year, The Hawk’s Civic Centre will welcome 16 of the best teams “in the world,” according to the PHCC website. Hey, I agree!

Recent Brier top dawg Glenn Howard’s marathon rolls on as he says hello in the Hawk before jetting to Edmonton for a little event called the Ford Worlds in early April.

Tankard trophy runner-up Brad Gushue will be in town along with the veteran/young pup combo of Team Kevin Martin. Speaking of Martin, his former third Don Walchuk’s new squad is on the roster as well. Also, lycra-lovin’ Pete Fenson’s Olympic bronzers headline the international contingent. And never forget about the Ferbster and team.

Scotian entry Shawn Adams will likely be excited to get back to playin’ with the big boys after narrowly missing this year’s Brier, ‘Toban Kerry Burtnyk along with fellow flatlanders Pat Simmons and Kevin Koe up the ante as serious Slam contenders, and Scotland’s Tom Brewster will be Hammying it up on this side of the pond.

Unfortunately for me, the battle got underway earlier today and I’m still home, but staying entertained, as the work week winds down. Getting a hotel room was a heckuva task so if that’s any indication, Port Hawkesbury is pumped for curling! Looking forward to sharing the excitement with you, live from The National, when I finally get there, on Friday. And with no national television scheduled for this one, you’ve only got online options to follow along: CurlTV (subscription only), the good old boys at CurlingZone’s scoring pages, and... me!

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