Sunday, March 04, 2007

That’s the Brier

HAMILTON – It’s Sunday night, opening weekend of the Brier.

The afternoon draw saw a huge upset as, if you’ll mind the pun, Kevin Martin’s team was run over by Northern Ontario. That’s the Brier, the place a 53-year-old skip who went to the Seniors in 2005, can beat one of the favourites. The Brier is also why they don’t play the games on paper.

The afternoon draw also featured Jeff Stoughton and Glenn Howard (photo) in a three and-a-half-hour epic. It ended with Howard stealing the extra end to stay undefeated. Fans might be a little curled out from the afternoon draw because it’s a little less than half full for the evening draw. But the Keith’s Patch is probably full. And the Patch is something unique to the Brier. Part beer hall, all party, the Patch makes the Brier much of what it is.

One final note about the uniqueness of the Brier. Earlier this evening, the Brier honoured Ed Werenich’s 1983 Dream Team. Werenich, Paul Savage and Neil Harrison were interviewed in the Purple Heart Lounge. Among other things we learned from Harrison that Savage was a sandbagger at golf. That’s the Brier.

Right now, in Draw 5, Yukon/NWT is ahead 5-2 after just stealing 2. They are playing well, and with a win, would join Howard atop the leader board at 3-0. And that folks, is the Brier.

Off to the Patch.

Matt Hames

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