Friday, March 16, 2007

What is this? ... It’s art!

Congratulations to London, Ontario’s Peter McKinley , aka Listen to ME!!, who correctly identified the our running What is this? query. Some of our favourite – but incorrect – answers were “a refrigeration unit for cooling the TSN commentators’ wine” and “a personal memory disk from TRON.” Another offered that “if there was curling on 24 it would look like this.”

However, the answer is much cooler: it’s a work of art, by Canadian visual artist Jason Young.

Young works mostly in sculpture and has long been fascinated by the design qualities of the curling stone. The New-York based artist moved beyond his usual media and worked with a filmmaker to create the 10-minute short entitled The Curling Stones, which has played at various film festivals around the world, and which is available for viewing here and here.

TCN contacted Young just before we launched What is this? and Young has another curling project in development: one that will knock your rocks off. Guaranteed.

Check out the upcoming April print issue of The Curling News for an interview with Young and the inside scoop on his next curling film. And with some curling clubs set to close by the end of March, you’d best become a subscriber to ensure you get this issue.

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