Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Germans love Aerosmith

FÜSSEN – This, sadly, is the only conclusion we can come to.

How is it possible that the same song can be played over and over and over and over, at all times of the day and night, here at the Bundesleistungszentrum Arena?

It’s played after games, while the ice crew are doing their thing.

It’s played when the arena is utterly deserted, and the lights are dimmed.

It’s played during the pre-game warmups.

The song is, inexplicably, I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing by geriatric U.S. rockers Aerosmith (lead singer Steven Tyler in photo), and you can watch it here. Please do, many times, so that you can share our writhing pain.

Look, Aerosmith rocked in their day but their 80s-onward, MTV-driven, pop-shlock, pseudo-revival has never really made the grade. The only thing we really miss about these guys is a young Alicia Silverstone prancing around in their other 80s-onward, MTV-driven, pop-shlock, pseudo-revival videos.

And now some guy out here in the middle of Bavaria can’t stop playing this song during the 2007 Le Gruyère European Curling Championships.

So here’s a photo, some words, and an entire blogpost dedicated to something that has absolutely nothing to do with curling. If this is what you want, dude, this is what you get, and suffering is what your folly brings upon the innocents. Because some of us – like those of us at The Curling News – spend a ridiculous amount of time in curling arenas during events, and such mind-boggling deejay behaviour creates frazzled content providers who are driven, quite simply, utterly stark-raving mad.

Don’t want to live any more
I don’t want to watch them curl

’Cause I’ve lost my mind

And I just want to kill that guy

’Cause even when I watch them curl

This stupid song haunts me still

I’ll still strangle you, dude

And I just want to kill that guy

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Red Wing said...

Thanks for your very frank and hilarious commentary -- lol.

I watched as many of the European Championship games as possible on Curl TV, but I was (thankfully) spared the Aerosmith song. Phew.

Keep up the writing, you rock!