Thursday, December 06, 2007

Getting Hip to Curling

Beres who?

Here’s another women’s Euro B-Division photo, taken by a photographer who shall remain nameless. Slovak skip Barbora Vojtusova seems to be saying, er, something... wonder what it could be?

Hungarian fitness instructor? Pah. Check this out, Mr. Cameraman.

Sleeping during my game? This’ll wake you up, Mr. Official.

Maybe if I widen my stance, my teammates will see a really big broom, and actually hit it.

In A-Division action, Peja is going home, and the Austrian girls are down into the B next year, it’s Andy versus David tonight and hey, here’s a look at how the men’s tiebreaker scenario unfolded in the first place.

BTW, Toni Müller’s Swiss team – which has had supersub Ralph Stöckli in the lineup as the full-time third since Monday – has been actively blogging during the ECC, and you can check them out here.

Across the pond...

• They’ve announced the draw for The National, the next Capital One Grand Slam of Curling event, and the pools look like this: Section A – Kevin Martin, Kerry Burtnyk, Pat Simmons, Jamie King, Shawn Adams, Eric Fenson ... Section B – Randy Ferbey, Brad Gushue, Joel Jordison, Brent MacDonald, Greg McAulay, Tom Brewster ... Section C – Kevin Koe, Jeff Stoughton, Wayne Middaugh, Peter Corner, Reid Carruthers, Russ Howard.

Hmm... we expected different Howards and Fensons to be in the field ...

• Cinncinati in the US of A has this Yahoo website up and running, designed to attract support and interest, and there’s also this community forum dedicated to arena curling issues ...

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Unknown said...

exactly why isn't Glenn Howard close to Christmas perhaps?

Nice to Russ, I guess.