Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Connal kudos

Congratulations to Graeme Connal, who was given the Perth Guildry Sports Personality of the Year Award last night for winning December’s European Curling Championship as the third for David Murdoch. The photo by Urs Raeber shows Connal (second from right) with some of his mates on the podium in Fuessen.

Connal wasn’t even going to compete this season, but continued knee problems for Ewan MacDonald made Murdoch ring up Connal, who won the worlds eons ago – 1991 actually – with David Smith. In recent years Connal had played third for Tom Brewster, meaning lots of cash earned on many Grand Slam trips to Canada, but constant disappointment in the Scottish finals.

Hammy MacMillan now throws third for Brewster, and Connal had pretty much parked his competitive career... but suddenly, 16 long years after taking gold in Winnipeg over the Kevin combo – Canada’s Martin and Park – Connal has won a major title, is off to Grand Forks for the Worlds, and has now copped this local award.

Good on ya mate!

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