Sunday, March 09, 2008


OSTERSUND – Chris Plys is a pretty interesting guy.

He is into headgear; he started the World Juniors wearing a bandanna and late in the week he switched to a rather tall toque.

He’s got some bling going in the earlobes.

He plays guitar, saying he’s “got a lot going on” and “it’s only curling.”

He finished ninth at the WJCCs in 2006, followed that up with a fifth-place finish last year, and now he’s the 2008 world junior men’s champion.

He also won the World University Games in 2007 with Pete Fenson’s 2006 Olympic lead John Shuster.

He’s from Duluth, which means he really should be a celebrity skip at the infamous House of Hearts Bonspiel next week. If he isn’t playing, and he drops in to visit, he should certainly get some free drinks.

As the WCF story goes, it’s only the third-ever U.S. world junior men’s victory, and first since the bearded Al Edwards in 1984.

Now the youthful Yanks are eschewing facial foliage and choosing hats to ward off the cold. Good call. Hats certainly look more fashionable.

Incidentally, lead Matthew Hamilton won the Sportsmanship Award. That’s two cool trophies for this team.

Nice job, boys.

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jose luis said...

You guys make a great job with this blog, lots of things i have learned from reading it..and I have even suscribed to the paper !

writing from Madrid, Spain, with only 180 curlers, there are some that really love the sport down here.

Played in 3 europeans already, and heading to the group A this year if we win the nationals, trying to qualify to the worlds, if I have the chance I will say at least hi.

thanks again.