Friday, March 14, 2008

Curling Ring Man

by Jill Officer

WINNIPEG – No, not the house rings on a sheet of curling ice. We’re talking about the bling on your finger.

I’ll have just a bit to say about Northern Ontario and skip Eric Harnden in the following blogpost, but did you know that Harnden has an official license with the Canadian Curling Association to sell championship competitor rings?

It’s a great concept, which reaches out to any curler who wants a ring to celebrate his or her participation in a Canadian championship. It’s great for curlers who won a lower-profile championship – like the Mixed, Juniors or Seniors – which doesn’t provide rings to the winners, but it’s also great to have something for everyone who has experienced the joy of representing their province, regardless of how they finished in the standings.

This is also cool for curlers from past eras when there were no rings given out to the champions... not to forget anyone from recent ring eras who happened to lose theirs along the cold cashspiel or playdown road. Anyone going to fess up to that?

I didn’t think so!

The official Season of Champions Participant Ring programme offers a couple of varieties and also different gemstones inlaid to the ring, signifying the event (Brier, Scotties etc.).

In addition to the CCA webpage above, you can contact Eric Harnden directly through his website, located here.

Hopefully Eric will have a few emails and phone calls to plow through upon his return to Sault Ste. Marie!

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