Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Curling column by Ben Hebert

by Jill Officer

WINNIPEG – Ben Hebert (right, beside teammate Marc Kennedy) is making a name for himself. For winning piles of games with Team Alberta, for setting records, for giving pretty good quote (like it’s obvious who the weak [leads] are, let’s leave it at that)... and for a budding videography career, too.

Actually, that camcorder bit was pretty lame. I know Ben can do better, because I’ve read another piece of work from him recently, and it’s good. Quite good.

That’s right... Benny Heebz wrote a curling column.

It was in the February Scotties preview issue of The Curling News, which came out over a month ago. Until today, it was only available in that print edition.

Now, however, it is available online at the TCN website, front and centre (for a limited time only) on the homepage amongst the listing of great stories you can find in the current March “Brier” issue. And here’s a direct link to the story page itself.

Nice job Benny. Let’s just see if the people agree with you, that some should “be careful what you wish for.”

As a bonus, there’s another Web Special column from another TCN colleague, Halifax’s Teri Lake. You can find that one located here.

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