Friday, April 17, 2009

A Curling Soap Opera

Here’s Glenn Howard in action at the Grey Power Players’ Championship in Grande Prairie, whihc wraps up this weekend on CBC Sports (Capital One photo by Anil Mungal).

What is Glenn indicating...?

a) Uh, Richie... you left something here in the hack
b) Follow my finger. This is the Grand Slam, people
c) Hi there, excuse me. Remember me? I’m Glenn Howard. That means I’m not Kevin Martin.

True dat, Cliffy.

KMart’s boondoggle in the 10th end of Sunday’s Ford Worlds finale is still being talked about. Again and again.

It may end up being the most talked-about world final since that memorable hoof by Boots Labonte.

Here’s a rundown of some of the stuff that is out there:

This awesome CurlingZone thread has discussion galore, including image graphics of the 10th end scenario with Martin’s teammates’ telestrated thoughts of what they would have preferred to throw! Coolio.

• 42 comments posted to this Glob & Flail story ...

• TCN’s own Matt Hames, from his own blog ...

Comments from Martin himself, and more from some of his peers currently competing in Grande Prairie.

Finally, why not join the hundreds of thousands who have watched the replay of the 10th end on TSN’s Video On Demand Player? Click here and join in the speculation.

You can also check out the highlights here ...

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