Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Curling News: April 2009 issue

The final issue of the 52nd season of The Curling News has been sent to subscribers, so all that remains is to get it to you.

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You won't want to miss our take on the curling world, in this critical pre-Olympic season, which includes:

The Brier: Kevin Martin’s Men are really that good

The Scotties: Larry Wood wraps it up

The Wrench Speaks III: One last blast from Eddie Werenich

They Said It: an awesome finale to the 2009 season... including Bill Cosby!

Matt Hames on drawing for the hammer

• The Capital One Grand Slam in Grand Prairie

Vancouver Olympic Centre: open for business

The Dominion Club Corner: The Dominion Club Championship is underway

• Larry Wood on the World Cup of Curling

The Canada Cup: it runneth over

The Curling News TV Guide: April 2009 (but of course)


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