Friday, April 10, 2009

Ford World Curling: Men in Pink

by Katja Kiiskinen

Just in case you were wondering, I do realize that so far three of six Moncton Worlds stories on this blog deal somehow with men or their underwear.

However, there is one more “underwear story” I just have to write about. Then I’ll focus on something else. I promise.

When you’re sitting on the media bench for 12 hours a day you notice pretty much everything that’s going on. One thing that has had the media types and the players wondering are the pink belts that the Norwegian team is wearing.

Here is some of the speculation I’ve heard during the week. Note, they’re all said with nothing but love and admiration (even if not all of them may appear so) and they run from the sweetest to the rudest:

1. They’re doing it to support a cause, like breast cancer research

2. They’re wearing them as a fashion statement, like the Glenn Howard team with their white belts and matching shoes

3. Because Canadian girls just looooove the colour pink...

4. They’re all pretending to come out of the closet simultaneously so that they wouldn’t have so many girls chasing them

5. They’re all coming out of the closet simultaneously.

The real reason, according to Team Norway second Christoffer Svae (photo above) is just this. To make people wonder about such things, when in fact there is no particular reason.

So, in your face. Um, literally.

Ever the good sport, Svae had no problem posing for a sexy undoing-of-belt picture. For those of you who are not yet familiar with his reputation, Chris – or Bompi as he is known – is not only a curling party legend, he also organizes one of the funniest bonspiels in Europe.

It takes place in Oslo around mid-September and is meant for players under 28. It gathers all the young, fun-loving, talented teams from Europe and despite the continuous parties, it offers a great level of curling.

So, if you young Canadian players want a good party in Europe, you know where to go. The Bompi Cup, with a website that is hopelessly out of date (why is this not a surprise?).

The funny thing was, I had to wait an extra day for the pic, because this fashionable player wanted to wear matching underwear. Enjoy.

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