Monday, March 05, 2007

Everybody say Zowie!

HAMILTON – “Zowie!” was a favourite saying of former Rogers Sportsnet curling commentator Ed Lukowich. Actually, he might have only said it once, but that single offering has grown a life of its own and will no doubt live forever in the minds of a few curling observers.

Think about it... who says “Zowie”? Vic doesn’t. Witt doesn’t. But Fast Eddie does (or did). Too bad Eddie’s bosses turfed curling, a charter sport since their initial CTV Sportsnet days, over the summer in favour of a new youthful re-branding. A re-branding that has delivered some lousy audience figures of late. Sorry guys. You snoozed, and you losed.

Anyway, the Brier is now officially “Zowie” thanks to some wild games. Sask’s Pat Simmons just made a beauty angle raise for three to beat Alberta’s Kevin Martin. Ontario’s Glenn Howard was up 5-1 – as he was early on in last night’s nailbiter versus Manitoba – but Olympian Brad Gushue made the Shot Of The Week(TM) in the ninth.

Here’s a descriptive attempt. Gushue threw an in-off from a stone 10 feet out and two inches from the side padding – so one of those stones would have been well out of play at any curling club – and he hit half a rock, redirecting it onto his own, which drove Howard’s shot stone out. The newfies scored two, but Gushue was actually trying to hit the stone 1/8th of an inch less and drive the second rock across to take out another Ontario stone and score four.

The Gushies than stole in the 10th frame to tie and force the extra... but Gushue tanked his final draw heavy and Howard hit – for four – and a wild 10-6 win.

Ye Gods.

Meanwhile, ace TCN Photo Editor Anil Mungal sent along this image (photo above) from last night’s wild Howard-Stoughton tilt. Another beauty.

Oh yeah... and the Territories are now 4-0.


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Matt. said...

He was playing a virtually impossible board weight hack-weight hit when he did this. Funny, to be that pissed off at almost making a shot almost nobody would have even tried. That means he's good.