Thursday, March 29, 2007

Farewell to the Rheos

There aren’t many occasions where we divert from curling onto another topic, but this is one of those times.

The Rheostatics, Canada’s most beloved and utterly unlabellable – is that even a word? – independent rock band, are calling it quits. At least, the founding lineup will end following their final club show tonight and their final concert hall gig tomorrow night.

And seeing as departing bassist/vocalist Tim Vesely (photo above, with madman guitarist Martin Tielli) is responsible for some of their biggest “hits” – see the incredibly lush Claire and the stunning sonic swoops of Bad Time To Be Poor on this page – we at The Curling News are definitely in mourning.

We invite you to read the farewells in today’s Star, today’s Torontoist, a recent Eye Weekly, in two great Blogosphere postings here and here, and cries of denial here and here.

Of note is a personal farewell from rhythm guitarist/vocalist Dave Bidini in today’s Glob and Flail. Bidini is, of course, also an accomplished author and all his books should be explored, but this one is simply a must-read.

And the beat goes on. The Rheos were recently surprised with a secret tribute album assembled by their CanRock peers; past videos are cropping up here; CBC has posted a hefty visual tribute; and now stunning rare, live shows are finding an online home.

Apart from the essentials Claire and Bad Time (above), here’s three quick vidlinks for you to get a taste of the always-changing Rheos. The Tarleks is probably their best video (and yes, that is the real Frank Bonner)... Power Ballad to Ozzy Osborne provides another hint to their humour... and the brilliant Stolen Car – performed live at CBC studios – is simply wonderous to the senses.

A few years ago, we e-mailed Bidini about the lack of a Rheos curling song. After all, if they can write a song entitled The Ballad of Wendel Clark, then how about curling?

Bidini politely demurred, but at least he replied. But we’re not bitter. Just disappointed, and not at the sporting snub.

They will be missed.

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