Thursday, April 26, 2007

Beans for Bubba... and a new Team Jones

After breaking the news – earlier today – of Cory Naharnie’s dismissal from the Kerry Burtnyk team, The Curling News doth speculate on who might replace “The Doctor” at lead stone.

Apart from conducting a lightning raid on a youthful Winnipeg squad – such as that skipped by Reid Carruthers – Burtnyk’s most likely course of action is to revisit one of two familiar faces, veterans Keith Fenton (1995 Brier and Worlds etc. with Burtnyk) or Don “Beans” Harvey (1988 Brier with Burtnyk).

Fenton has been linked with the knee-plagued Vic Peters, so the leading lead would seem to be Harvey (photo by CurlingZone), who played with Dave “Night Train” Boehmer earlier this decade and recently served as fifth man for Team Jeff Stoughton.

THIS JUST IN: The trend towards non-geographic teams vying for the 2009 Olympic Trials continues. CurlTV has broken the news that Halifax skip Colleen Jones will team up with British Columbia’s Georgina Wheatcroft and Darah Provencal (ex-Kelley Law). The fourth player? Second Kate Hamer... from Ontario (ex-Sherry Middaugh).


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