Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tylenol Players’ Championship: Okay Corral

by Jill Officer

CALGARY – We arrived a day early for the Tylenol Players’ Championship. We are Team JJones, by the way, and we have to be specific because there is a Team CJones here as well, though not the squad you might expect (have you been reading this here Blog?).

We had some fun and laughs last night and reconnected as none of us had seen each other since the Canada Cup, three weeks ago in Kamloops. I thought it was a good idea that we would be here a day early to do just that – reconnect – given that we didn’t play until 8:30 pm on Tuesday night, but I’m not sure it made much of a difference.

As great as the ice is here at the Corral, we got caught a couple of times on how far the rocks slide. Anyway, in the end we took a bit of a lickin’ in our first game against Toronto’s Colleen

It seems that so far the event itself is doing fairly well. From what I remember (and please take into consideration the fact that my memory really isn’t that great), the crowds for the draw tonight are already better that they were in general last year. That’s a good sign – both for the event and for curling. Maybe people are starting to realize that these Tour events, especially the Players’ Championship, really are some of the best fields you could assemble in the entire world. All the best teams in Canada are here. What a privilege to play in such an event!

So the ice is great, the best teams are here, now if we could just get some Tylenol to mask the pain of our recent beating, we’ll be good to go on Wednesday.

Which is when the men start. Can’t wait to see the Ferbeys, and their new bald heads!

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