Saturday, April 14, 2007

TPC: Jennifer Jones versus Kelly Scott

by Jill Officer

CALGARY – Okay, so another day without playing until 5:30 pm… but we were okay with that because we had qualified for the playoffs of the Tylenol Players’ Championship.

After the C-qualifiers were determined, we found out we were back on the ice against Edmonton’s Cathy King. Man, we play King a lot! We’ve played them – I think – about four times in the last two events, plus at least a few other times during the Tour season.

So we slept in on Friday… again… for the third time this week. And guess what? We get to do it again on Saturday! That’s because we won both our quarter and semi-final games and we’re into the final. In the semi, we played against Team Kelley Law, skipped this weekend by Colleen Jones (photo by CurlingZone)… had a great, close game. We needed two in the eighth end to win, and we did it.

We were in the final and won the Player’s Championship last year, so we’re extremely excited to be back in a position to repeat as champs. However, we play some champs in the final on Saturday night…Team Kelly Scott, AKA the current World Women’s Champions will be our opponent. We haven’t played Team Scott in any cash events this year, but rather in the Scotties – we played them twice – round-robin and the semi. Unfortunately we lost both times.

Hopefully today the story will be different. But all you blog readers out there will just have to tune in to CBC Sports on Saturday night (10:00 pm eastern after hockey) to see what happens.

By the way, the ice here has been absolutely, fabulously, wonderfully fantastic! Mark Shurek is an ice genius. It makes me jealous that these men’s teams get to play on his ice in all their Grand Slam events.

And guess what? He’s from Winnipeg (okay, Stonewall). Another great icemaker from the Manitoba.

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afarnel said...

Good luck on your game tonight. I can't wait to watch it.