Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sudsbury Gong Show

by Tim Wright (using Don Barcome’s PDA doohickey)

SOMEWHERE IN NORTHERN ONTARIO – Here we are, blogging live from the big limousine driving up Highway 69 towards Sudbury. See the photo for proof!

We’re headed to the 26th annual Heart to Heart Bonspiel, the first one to be held outside its traditional home of Thunder Bay, and we are the “Toronto” contingent, the alleged “celebrity skips” who were flown into Hogtown from all kinds of locations.

We’ve got Newfies, Minnesotans, Winnipeggers aka Nurses, North Dakotans and yes, even a Toranna person or two... and we are about halfway through our four-hour jaunt to Sudsbury.

We hear that ice wizard Shorty Jenkins and Quebec celeb spiel legend Louie Biron are already on site.

There’s a second limo, somewhere in our backdraft, but we have bigger problems... we just ran out of beer - argh!!! We are a gong show!

Yes, the season is almost over...

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