Thursday, April 05, 2007

Gushue cuts Korab

Shocking news out of St. John’s this morning, as Brad Gushue has dropped Olympic lead Jamie Korab (TCN photo by Anil Mungal) from his team.

The move, coming days before the final event of the season – the Tylenol Players’ Championship in Calgary – is nothing short of stunning.

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Lord of the Rings said...

Curling's version of Bud Bundy (Gushue) must have attended the Jennifer 'Kelly Bundy' Jones seminar on firing curlers. I don't know who's gone thru more people in the last few years - Buddy from the Rock, or Lady Jen from the Home of Curling (Winnipeg).

Gushue remains strong at the top end of his squad (Nichols and Brad himself) while Jones has had a frantic assortment of leads over the last few years; ignoring the biggest weakness on her squad - the perennially low percentage Cathy Overton-Clapham.

The irony of Overton-Clapham is that she's easily the best of a bad lot of Manitoba female thirds.

Now that Jan Betker is rumoured to be hanging up her slider in Sask., Jennifer better be on the blower to the next great third on the prairies - young Lana Vey.