Sunday, March 15, 2009

Brier: TSN Tidbits

by Margo Weber

I’ve been watching the Tim Hortons Brier on television, with the idea that I would do a list called the “Top 10 Best Things Said on TSN”.

I didn’t realize how hard this would be and have come up with only five.

Alternatively I have found plenty of cheese from our friends Vic, Ray and Linda. Groan. And some bonus stuff at the end.

Here you go.

Five BEST Things Said on TSN

5. “I don’t have a plan. I’m the second.”
(Ontario’s Brent Laing to Richard Hart during the 1-2 game when asked “What’s your plan?”)

4. “The double?”
(Quebec skip Jean-Michel Ménard pleads with Manitoba’s Jeff Stoughton on his last rock during tie-breaker game. When Jeff just laughs, JM adds “The slash?” with a giggle)

3. “We could hit that, then that... but then See-You-Next-Tuesday.”
(Newfoundland lead Jamie Korab during their game against Ontario. For those of you that understand the reference, this is really funny)

2. “I’m just going to sit here and not speak anymore”
(Ray Turnbull)

And the number one thing said on TSN was actually from the Scotties, but hey, I can’t resist...

1. “Like Santa! All dressed up in red and white and giving out presents!”
(Vic Rauter, when Team Canada’s Jennifer Jones mistakenly tapped Quebec in for three in the semifinal.)

Five WORST Things Said on TSN

5. “It’s perfect that the firefighter would be throwing smoke!”
(Vic, when Alberta third John Morris played a double against Manitoba)

4. “Oooooeeee Koooooooeeeeeeeee!”
(Vic, When Territories skip Jamie Koe makes an outside double against Nova Scotia)

3. “The electrical contractor is trying to plug it up.”
(Linda Moore on Ontario’s Hart when he was throwing a guard)

2. “Some people are calling it the raise double-double.”
(Vic, talking about Glenn Howard’s SHOT. In reply, Linda offers “But he didn’t have to roll up the rim to win...”)

And now for our # 1. Oh Ray...

1. “Vic, I want to thank you for reminding me to set my clock ahead. But I didn’t know how to do it, so I put a sticky note on it that says ‘This clock is wrong.’ ”

And I can’t resist this added bonus, from Vic, which sums up the week:

“The weather outside is frightful, but the curling inside is sure to be delightful.”

AND this just in: The Sportscentre boys recently teased Victor with his very own “Top 10 Vic-isms” (greatest Top 10-Eh-Ver?) which go well and beyond curling. Click here and enjoy, because without Vic, “it’s like a sandwich without the tangy zip of the miracle whip.”


Unknown said...

What about when Vic called Richard Hart, "The Hart Surgeon." That was pretty rough, haha.

SweetSolMom said...

Love it Margo! Nice work!

Prairiedaun said...

I think my favourite overstatement from Ray came yesterday in the 3-4 game during the third end, saying that Manitoba's getting away with murder.

Seriously, my mom and I have been repeating it to each other and laughing at the ridiculousness. "Getting away with murder." Hee!