Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brier: Picking to win, Day 4

by Dalene Heck

CALGARY – I admittedly am not much of a competitive curler. I may have made a couple of shots in a couple of games back in the day, but that does not really qualify me to judge any Brier competitors on strategy.

However, I also can’t carry a tune. That doesn’t stop me from being Armchair Judge No. 5 on American Idol. So I ain’t holding back here either.

Joel, let’s talk, my friend. Put your last rock in the house... in any number of places. Corner freeze to your shot stone. Throw it middle-back eight-foot. You had a way larger margin of error by placing it in the house and would have made it impossible for Ontario to win the game.

Granted, Glenn Howard did have to make a circus shot to win it. But this is Glenn Howard we’re talking about here. This is what Glenn Howard does.

And so, Glenn Howard makes history and Mr. Jordison, well, at least he gets to be a part of that history.

Well, we’ve got some Pros with opinions too, and here are their Picks for Day Four Looks like Dean has slipped from the lead, and my Grandma is closing the gap (click to zoom). Go Gram!

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