Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brier: The Shot

by Dalene Heck
TSN graphic composite by Anil Mungal

CALGARY – Here’s what the people are saying about The Shot. Yes, that shot.

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We’ll start with the athletes and then move onto the public... and some of them via Facebook!

“An angle-raise, in-off double and stick it and throw your arms in the air and run around like an idiot. It was a one-in-a-million.”
Glenn Howard

“I’m really sorry I’m the guy who set him up to play it.”
Joel Jordison

“Collectively we weren’t our best. I let the boys down, it was my worst game of the week and somehow miracles happen.”
Glenn Howard

“Call it an angle-raise double re-direct.”
Richard Hart

“Makes me want to lose some hair and grow two feet.”
Cheryl Bernard (Pro Picker, Calgary)

“It was a pretty epic shot.”
Tara Runquist (Alberta fan)

“What a moment...
Wouldn’t it have been fantastic to see that shot happen in the final for the championship?!?! Sure... but it is unlikely that Ontario’s opponent in the final would have allowed that moment to happen. I love witnessing great moments and unfortunately this one began with a tactical error by a top-notch team from Saskatchewan.
The real part to focus on however is that all the variables required for that moment to happen... did. The fact that the rocks were positioned perfectly, inviting perfection was appetizing. Then factor in that it was Glenn Howard in the hack. The moment requested greatness and that’s why my arms rose to the air along with Glenn’s.
What a moment...”
Dean Joanisse (Pro Picker, Vancouver)

And now to the people... via Facebook!

Steven Lobel thinks that the Ice Man no longer owns the best shot in curling. But still the most important.
(Whitby, ONT)

Sebastien Robillard just saw the best curling shot ever! DAMN.
(Montreal, QUE)

Jesse Ruppell says nice shaaaaat!
(Ottawa, ONT)

Brian Chick can’t believe SASK left that for him... it was wired.
(Toronto, ONT)

Darryl Nodwell in/off slash raised triple for the win – wow ...
(London, ONT)

Rich Ashford I call it the Tim Horton’s shot...a double-double!
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Dean Gemmell thinks he just saw about the best shot ever to win a curling game.
(The Curling Show)

Leigh Armstrong is just witnessed the best shot in curling ever! Go Team Ontario!!
(Oakville, ONT)

Earl Andrew Washburn is OMG, craziest curling shot ever! Glenn Howard is God!
(Ottawa, ONT)

Mike Aprile I think he’s insane in the membrane after that shot!
(Whitby, ONT)

Jill Officer is holy s**t, what a shot!
(Winnipeg, MAN)

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