Friday, March 13, 2009

Brier: remove Saskatch, insert Quebec

by Margo Weber

CALGARY – At the beginning of the week, I made a prediction that Newfoundland, Manitoba and Saskatchewan would play off for the right to meet Ontario and Alberta in the playoffs.

But Quebec’s late round robin surge has more than made up for the disappointing showing by the Saskatchewan team skipped by Joel Jordison (CCA photo by Michael Burns).

Jean-Michel Ménard and crew have rattled off five wins in a row, including a biggie over Ontario’s Glenn Howard.

Menard is a previous Brier champion but hey – so was everyone else. Now he plays Jeff Stoughton’s Manitoba team in a tiebreaker this afternoon.

START, stupid game! I’m going through withdrawl! Ah, perhaps I can get something outside of curling accomplished this morning. BTW, my husband is looking forward to having me back next week.

This from today’s Calgary Sun:

Saskatchewan coach Ron Meyers and fifth man Rod Montgomery showed up for last night’s game against Newfoundland/Labrador wearing paper bags over their heads.

Other than Sask (otherwise known as Saskatch) have there been any other surprises at this year’s Tim Horton’s Brier?... I mean other than the fact that I apparently can consume three drinks at once?... Yawnsies...

However, I will be watching the TSN telecast this afternoon while my two- year-old chants “Manitoba!”. NO idea why he’s doing that. I need to start brainwashing him to chant “Let’s Go Grey Slacks!” or at least “Let’s Go White Belts!”

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