Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brier Broom Bashing

by Dalene Heck

CALGARY – So if Russ Howard is going to lose to his baby bro in a complete blowout, he might as well give something to the fans, right? After all, this is one of the most hyped games in the Brier, but seems to be falling victim to my earlier posting regarding complete Brier one-sidedness.

After giving up a steal of three going into the fifth-end break of this much-awaited Howard hullaballoo, Russ took it out on his broom (a la John Morris from a couple of years ago).

That broom, shown in a healthier state above (photo by MOI) is now in two pieces, after Russ bashed it on the ice, and then continued to throw the broom head around at the end of the sheet.

Brotherly love INDEED. Here, brother Glenn, take an easy win. In return, I’ll just take your spot on the highlight reel with my theatrics.

Fan just yelled from the crowd: “Drop the gloves Russ!”

Wonder if she reads this blog?

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catester said...

Is the broom on eBay yet?