Saturday, April 11, 2009

New curling video

Hasta la vista, Hammerfall.

Wander off, Weakerthans.

There’s another curling music video in town.

We were first alerted to this by Nick Kitinski’s Facebook page. Kitinski is the bossman behind California’s Hollywood Curling Club and he recently wrote that he was “back from the Ice Rink where they were filming a curling segment for a Music Video!”

The band is called The Answering Machine.

The song is called Obviously Cold.

Here is the video.

Catchy stuff. Enjoy.


Nick Kitinski said...

The band took 4 hours to film the Curling Segment. It took about 10 minutes of instructions to get them started and they were off....
The Director and crew came by for a quick lesson the Sunday before filming.
Catchy tune, and they have a song coming up on the next FIFA 2010 video Game.

Don't miss out on our upcoming "SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER SPIEL" May 23-24th, 2009 at Hollywood Curling.

Nick Kitinski
Hollywood Curling

Matt G said...

Nice plug, Nick!