Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Between The Sheets

That's not just the name of a cool Blog post, it's also the title of a new book on the mental aspects of curling.

Officially announced yesterday and available by internet pre-order now, Between The Sheets was written by Guy Scholz, the Rockin' Reverend from Calgary, who also wrote this, and the gorgeous Cheryl Bernard (see retro photo). Hmm... Calendar 2007 anyone?

BTS is written in an informal style and is chock-full of anecdotes from almost a hundred world-class athletes. Not just curlers either: a Roughies coach and an Olympic synchro swimmer have reviewed the tome and recommend it to anyone who is seeking "the competitive edge."

It's aimed at curlers who want to learn the secrets of the big name players, and to devoted curling fans as well.

The Curling News has had a quick gander at the galleys and it's a fun and fascinating read. We'll probably have a book review in an upcoming issue, but why wait... you know you want it now.

Between TCN, the little Black Book and BTS, curlers are going to have very large heads this season. Bring it on, Einstein.

Between The Sheets is available here and also, as of Dec. 5 or so, through bookstores, curling pro shops, the CCA and Asham. In addition, $1.00 from every purchase will go towards Calgary’s Curl for a Cure event in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, and $1.00 from every book purchased through the CCA website will go to The Sandra Schmirler Foundation.

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Dean Gemmell said...

I spoke to Cheryl Bernard today about Between the Sheets and her season. I also asked if we'll be seeing her in next year's calendar. Listen to the interview as soon as it's posted to find out.