Friday, November 04, 2005

Shot of the year

It happened on the last rock of Day 3 at The National, the first Grand Slam of this glorious Olympic season.

And it sounded an ominous note to all those plotting to take the Roar of The Rings crown away from Kevin Martin.

Calgary's John Morris had control of the B-side battle with the 2002 Olympic silver medallists, and lay three in the four-foot on Martin's last rock. Morris led 9-8.

Martin merely shrugged at third Don Walchuk, illustrated how his raised stone would fly through the cluster – presumably spraying the near-parallel Morris rocks out of the house – and carry through to a fourth Morris stone in the back twelve. Martin lay fourth shot.

Surprisingly, Martin didn't let fly with his maximum heat... a simple peel-weight bullet flew down the sheet, did exactly what he suggested it would do and Martin had scored two, won the game out of nowhere and added $7,000 and a Slam quarter-final berth to his fall record.

The crowd at Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre exploded, cheered and murmured for a few long minutes before shuffling off to the Grand Slam Pub.

Just another day in Kevin Martinland. No biggee.

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