Wednesday, November 02, 2005

More gals, Brier tix, Maine and Slam

Well, we figure it's almost time to move on from the calendar story, but the media just don't seem to want to let it go. Now the Americans are interested, but we have to ask if certain media commentators should really be ones to comment on people who choose to appear in a published product...? Sorry if that seems a little harsh.

Through all this, Pat Ryan's daughter Lynsay has remained out of the spotlight... or her photo has, anyway. However, this Friday she will appear coast-to-coast in Canada on TSN.

Not sure why the news isn't up on the website (yet), but the Tim Hortons Brier in Saskatoon (March 11-19) released a mini-pack ticket option yesterday, and has also added temporary capacity to the host Brandt Centre, which means 7,048 seats are now available for every draw. And heaven knows how many more are available in the Keith's Brier Patch.

Here's a fun one for the curious down in the USA... the annual Maine Games will feature curling this coming February, and spots are limited to 48 players: sign up here pronto.

Finally, the first Grand Slam of Curling is underway tonight in Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia. The National features a world field and the semis and final are televised Sunday on Rogers Sportsnet.

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Dean Gemmell said...

Let it go? Hell, anything that can bust curling out of the dork sport identity is fine with me. I remember commiserating with Drew Macklin many years ago at the old Sun Life junior spiel about the troubling fact that so many people thought curling was a sport for nerds. When you are a curler, you know that it’s athletic, physically demanding and that all kinds of great people curl. But outside of the sport, the notion persists that curling is a sport for the people who couldn't make a real team. Will a bit of nudity reverse the misperceptions overnight? Probably not, but it sure can't hurt.