Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Calendar Grrrlz cause ruckus

It's not every day that one gets saturation coverage from a simple news release. But that's what happened yesterday when The Curling News announced the launch of the Ana Arce Team Sponsorship Calendar 2006.

In addition to tens of web postings, on-camera stories were broadcast by TSN's popular SportCentre show and also by CTV Winnipeg. Even my one-time Ryerson professor's outfit, CBC's The National, called to inquire... though we don't think they bit.

Bill Graveland's Canadian Press story was picked up across Canada and can be read in its entirety here, while fresh approaches come from the Ottawa Citizen; the innovative Barre Campbell at the Ottawa Sun; the brilliant Terry Jones in the Edmonton Sun, the relentless Al Cameron at the Herald, and the only media outlet to actually subscribe to TCN, Angela MacIssac's Calgary Sun, where Team Kleibrink lead Christine Keshen gamely says "bring it on."

There's even a brief photo-story in the main section of the Toronto Star. But no word yet from these guys.

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