Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Free Trials tickets: $790 value

Attention all curling fans: two full-event "Gold" ticket packages can be yours, absolutely free, for the greatest show in the sport.

The Curling News has been asked to broker the giveway of two $395 "Gold" passes for the Olympic Trials Dec. 3-11 in Halifax. These are the top-tier tickets that are available at the Metro Centre for the word's greatest curling spectacle.

Simply e-mail your interest to: and we will put you into contact with the "seller".

Once again there is no cost for these tickets, but there are no transport and accommodation options, either. You must get to The Roar on your own.

In the upcoming December issue, The Curling News offers a 7-page feature on the Trials and Olympic Games, plus a look back at Trials and Games past. One anecdote noted is the memory of TSN commentator Ray Turnbull, doing the first pre-game show with Linda Moore before the first draw of Brandon '97, trembling with excitement live on camera.

This is the best,” Ray almost shouted. “It doesn’t get any better. If you’re not here, get here. Do it now. Fly in, drive in, I don’t care. You simply have to be here!

Don't miss this show, folks. E-mail today. Then grab your $117 flight (x2) via CanJet, sleep on somebody's floor, do whatever you have to do... but be there.

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