Friday, November 11, 2005

Gotta fly

Not much time for today's Friday Media Roundup, as The Curling News needs to jet to the airport to meet WCF veep Les Harrison shortly. Speaking of others jetting about:

• Well, okay, we'll get to jetting in a moment. Here's a newser on the meat behind the CBC-TSN TV curling contract... no, not the financials, just a rough skeleton, listing 217 hours of SoC coverage over seven events: 168 hours on TSN (150 of them live) and another 49 hours on CBC. More deets can surely be found in your local listings and also here and here, and we won't even preview these links, that's how confident we are in the networks and their websites. Right, guys?

• Lots of quality teams in New Yawk as we speak, for the second-year World Curling Tour stop now called the New York Curling Open. Gotta tell you, we liked the old name better.

Jennifer Jones is also competing down south, in Duluth, against a pile of strong Yankee gals...

• And there's still another U.S. tourney this weekend, way up in Alaska, featuring some squads from the Pacific rim.

• Canada? One of the east coast's most popular events is the Sobey's... and there's also the venerable Wayside Classic in Lloydminster. Interestingly, Peja Lindholm stayed over from The Hawk and is in Lloyd, and not competing here. Wonder how that will go over back home...?

Ah, Olympic funding. It's there to be spent.

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