Monday, February 13, 2006

Curling congrats

Congrats to Kevin Martin, back in the Brier for the first time in almost a decade. To the Ferbey4: that was one hell of a run, and we thank you most sincerely for the thrill ride.

Congrats to more Grand Slammer squads who will parade onto the ice in Regina next month: Jeff Stoughton of Winnipeg, merely the hottest team in the sport right now, and Glenn Howard of all-across-southern Ontario, winners in their third consecutive provincial final following two teeth-grinding losses. Not to forget Sask's Pat Simmons, who repeated as Gap champ.

Others: Hot Rod MacDonald in PEI, JM Menard in Quebec, Kid Grattan in NB... there are others, of course, but TCN readers are probably well-versed on the winner's circle. Plus, we're kinda busy, it seems there's this big spiel going on in Italy (photo).

Congrats to the Italians for pulling it off. Congrats to the U.S. men, who gave defending champ Pal Trulsen a real thumping in the wee hours this morning. And congrats to Canuck women's third Amy Nixon, who is bearing down and competing despite a battle with food poisoning, obtained Saturday night over dinner with team skip Shannon Kleibrink. Powerhouse Sweden currently leads Canada 4-2 midway through the opening women's draw. The spunky Nixon is shooting 72 per cent – with skipper Shannon at 70 – but Swedish third Eva Lund is clocking 90 per cent, with skip Anette Norberg at a scary 92. More later...

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