Thursday, February 16, 2006

Olympic Curling, W Session 6

A quick one tonight: first of all, here's the gold (and silver and bronze) that awaits at the end of the rainbow.

Second of all: yes, she missed the start of the game.

We're not sure if Don, Joan and Mike over at CBC spilled the news, or how they spilled it, but Canadian women's lead Christine Keshen did indeed unintentionally miss the start of their eventual and critical 10-8 win over Norway. She entered the game in the third end, after an admirable opening four rocks from alternate Sandra Jenkins.

The Curling News believes there are extenuating circumstances at play here, and we will delve further into this tomorrow... after, of course, we've all had a chance to vent our own thoughts and devour the newspapers and generally work ourselves into a lather.

Stay tuned. And take another look at the previous post, and consider thinking twice about passing judgement on people who are undergoing the moments of their lives, in full public view of a billion humans. Moments that 99 per cent of you, dear readers, cannot possibly relate to.

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Dean Gemmell said...

Some new blog attitude in these posts, George. Blogging is a bit liberating, isn't it? Really loving the posts from Turin — looking forward to the story on Christine's absence. And congratulations to you and everyone else who is doing such a great job of generating buzz for the sport via the Olympics. I've never had this many comments and phone calls about curling from people here in the U.S. Traction might be happening.