Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Olympic Curling, M Session 4

A TV director commented that Team Canada's big 9-5 win over Great Britain this morning puts the Canucks on a hot streak. Far from it. This game, and the result, was critical if only to shove aside the tension that had been building in the ranks... now Canada can consider the possibilities of a winning streak when they return to the Palaghiaccio tonight.

PHOTO: Mark Nichols, Russ Howard and Brad Gushue (L to R). Much, much better relationships on display this morning, and no outright sniping. And a great double by Gushue to finish off the Brits – er, Scots – on his eventual last rock; a real confidence booster looking forward.

The other big game saw your Pal and mine, Norway's Trulsen, upend tough Swede Peja Lindholm 9-4. A critical result as Sweden are knocked back and now there are no unbeaten men's teams.

Women are practicing... more later...

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