Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Olympic Curling, W Session 2/3

Team Canada roared into the winner's circle Tuesday AM (photo) with an 11-5 shellacking of winless USA, with fifth Sandra Jenkins even getting into the game. On neighbouring sheets, Rhona Martin dodged a Swiss bullet; Russia beat Japan and mighty Sweden fell to the wily vetern, Dordy Nordby of Norway.

Then came a stunning men's round – er, sorry, "Session" – number three, in which Canada were zapped by picks and, if opinion be considered, the beginnings of some intersquad tension that threatens to bubble over into plain view. Not to be outdone were the Italians, who stole back-to-back ends to subdue Germany.

Practice ice is nearly finished, and Shannon Kleibrink's Canucks face the Russians.

An offbeat note: the music played between draws and during practice ice is some of the weirdest these veteran ears have ever heard. Imagine a modern standard like Hey Ya then followed by... AC/DC's Hell's Bells... followed by Harry Belafonte's infernal Day-O song... into Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love... and then some Eurodisco ditty. Bizarre.

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