Thursday, February 09, 2006

Torino 2006: Opening Weekend

Well, we see the World Curling Fed has finally said something about official Olympic curling medals in 1924... good on ye, lads. The Curling News was only too pleased to point all this out.

Two flag-bearers hail from our sport (so far)... Rhona Martin will carry GB's flag and Sean Becker will handle duties for New Zealand in the Opening Ceremonies.

The Canadians had their news conference tonight, and Brad Gushue, seemingly an honourary Rolling Stone, got the quote of the day.

Which leads us to an exclusive, on-site report from the Olympic Games... a report from Canadian men's national coach Jim Waite:

We got the most fantastic sets of clothing you can imagine. Wait until you see us in the Opening Ceremonies tomorrow night... beautiful white coats, the trapper-style fur hats and mukluks with white pants... WOW! And the Closing stuff is just as impressive, along with three track suits, eight shirts, gloves, socks etc... our curling clothes are on top of all this and they are pretty impressive too. Amazing stuff.
After getting the clothes, we found our drivers and went to Pinerolo for the first time, saw the arena and practised on the adjoining curling club ice. We do the same tomorrow before the Opening Ceremonies. Our driver does not speak a word of English so Mark and I are doing the best we can with our French. He knows a little bit!
On our way back to Torino, we got caught in the middle of the torch parade. Thousands of people lined the streets to see the torch pass by. The Italians are really into it!
Food at the Dining Hall is terrific. There really is a McDonalds in there giving out free food 24 hours a day. We came back tonight and all the guys had steak... and the girls pasta! Amy Nixon's aunt got free TSN put into her working place so she could watch Amy at work. The perks are never ending...
The Village is attached to an enormous mall called The Lingotto and the Italians built this huge quarter-mile-long bridge from the Village to the mall so the athletes could shop when they had some free time. Fantastic. Although the village has just about everything... free haircuts, computer places, clothing stores... anything you want or need....

That's all for an early weekend, folks. We're off to the airport, and in a few days will be back with you live and exclusively from Torino 2006, right here at The Curling News Blog. Ciao for now...

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