Sunday, February 19, 2006

Olympic Curling, W Session 10/M Session 11

After a few chat sessions during their Saturday night off – perhaps mediated by a CCA rep? – Shannon Kleibrink's Team Canada mates were a very different squad today. More aggressive and somewhat confident, a new civility was also on display... and a solid result achieved. An important win for them, and here – just as we did for the men – is the scoop for tomorrow's final day:

If Canada wins twice, as do the Swiss, and Norway wins one of their two, there will be no tiebreakers. At least, that's what tired TV crews are praying for... and nailbiting Canadian fans prolly wouldn't argue.

The evening men's draw featured a potential – we repeat, potential – couple of milestones. Peja Lindholm lost again, defending champ Pal Trulsen won... and both might have thrown the final curling stones of their career. Trulsen, it should be mentioned, made not one but two perfect freezes on his final two deliveries. If true, a poignant moment for lucky fans in attendance in Italy tonight.

PS: more curling nudity... or partial nudity, anyway. Will it ever stop?

Hope not.

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