Friday, April 13, 2007

TPC: and the Teams of the Year are...

PHOTO: Last year’s WCT Awards hardware on display

Story by Jill Officer

CALGARY – The Asham World Curling Tour Reception & Awards Dinner took place on Thursday evening at the host hotel – the Fairmont Palliser. The meal was great, but the emcee once again left something to be desired.

Jim Jerome, who has on occasion been a Brier Patch emcee, was the leader of the evening as he was last year. Seems the committee for this Tylenol Players’ Championship even suggested to him that he tone down his vulgarity from last year. Although he perhaps didn’t offend quite as many people, CBC’s Scott Russell – who actually presented the awards of the evening – would have been a fantastic pick for the whole thing.

I will give Jerome some credit as there was a number of “funnies”, but there were also a number of “offsides” and inappropriate comments. And no, they didn’t balance each other out. Sorry, Jim. I’m sure you’re a good guy and maybe your presentation works for others, but it doesn’t do much for me.

Anyway, to the awards. Could there be any other choices for the men’s and women’s Teams of the Year? No. World Champion Teams Kelly Scott and Team Glenn Howard (Glenn, people, Glenn!!!! NOT Russ!) were the award recipients.

Alberta curling great Paul Gowsell (now with much shorter hair, but a great little giggle) was acknowledged with the Asham WCT Ambassador Award.

And the top three money winning teams on the men’s and women’s Asham World Curling Tour were acknowledged as follows...

1. Team Kevin Martin
2. Team Glenn Howard
3. Team Randy Ferbey

1. Team Jennifer Jones
2. Team Sherry Anderson
3. Team Cheryl Bernard

Now over to the rink... our first early morning of the week turned out pretty good. We pulled it off and advanced to a B-side qualifier versus Edmonton’s Cathy King. We won that so we’re into the playoff round. A few bucks, a few Canadian Team Ranking System points and it seems we’ve secured a first place finish on this year’s CTRS, which puts us in good position going toward the 2009 Olympic Trials.

A-side qualifiers are Team Kelly Scott and Team Stefanie Lawton, the other B-side qualifiers are Team Sherry Middaugh and Team Cheryl Bernard. And so we wait. The C-qualifying
games will hit the ice at 11:00 am on Friday. Then, let the playoffs begin!

Women’s quarters and semis take place on Friday with the final on CBC-TV during prime time on Saturday night. What else would you want to do on a Saturday night, but watch some hot female athletes play the greatest sport on earth?!

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afarnel said...

I love the blog! Keep it up! I'm glad Glenn did well this year. I was at the Brier final last year and I was disappointed that he didn't win.