Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Korean Silly Curling

GANGNEUNG, KOREA – Yes, we are here. We have been here for a while. But we have been very busy.

So our first post is just plain silly. Silly as in the “Silly Walks” sketch by the legendary Monty Python comedy group.

You see, the Koreans played a rather unusual tune for the athletes as they marched out onto the ice last night. It was the Monty Python theme song!

Canada coach Janet Arnott seemed quote shocked to see a Silly Walk taking place on the carpet before her. Click on the image to zoom in.

The next time we hear that theme, we’re going Gumby.

Yes. Things are a bit weird here in Korea.

Just the way we like it!


Huskers-For-Palin said...

Colleen Jones was right after all.

Ladies worlds are getting dissed. They'll have to curl naked it seems (well, the calendars and new corporate sponser proves this right). :)

Crappy locations, low crowds, a new sponser that brings snickers, and now cheesy music. It's amateur hour folks!!!

At least there's live internet coverage.

MDub said...

Is Dawn Askin checking her blackberry in this picture? Really? When getting introduced at the worlds we need to check email now? Wouldn't want to interupt normal life...

TCNPhotoEditor said...

She actually has a camera in her hand. I guess she is looking at the photo she just took, or adjusting the camera settings.