Monday, March 02, 2009

One helluva Scotties

What a show.

From start to finish, the 2009 Canadian women’s curling championship – the Scotties Tournament of Hearts – had it all. And this wrap-up story, by local Victoria Times-Colonist sportswriter Shari Epp called it well:

Sunday’s game was the finale to a terrific week of curling. Blowouts were scarce, extra end games became the norm, and nearly everyone had a shot at the playoffs. This year’s Scotties was a roller coaster of expectations that soared one minute and plunged the next.

Amen, sister.

B.C. skip Marla Mallett, who seemed to be a lightning rod for controversy right from the opening bell – actually even prior to that, during the Hot Shots skills competition – played some great curling. Plain and simple. Both when she was in hit mode, and when she was challenging for the lead, such as right from the get-go of the championship final against the eventual winner, Jennifer Jones (Times-Colonist photo by Adrian Lam from this story; and you can see 12 more cool pix here).

Epp described that like this:

It became clear, after the first end, nobody had a clue what would happen in the game. Rocks were everywhere, and Mallett and (third Grace) MacInnis looked about as flustered as they might playing Wednesday night ladies league.

Al Cameron’s On The Rocks had another interpretation:

Mallett showed me something tonight, both on and off the ice. She went at Team Canada from the word go ... Based on what we saw on Sunday night, she’d be worthy of the (Team Canada) uniform.

You can see all kinds of video highlights here... photos, publications, stats and newsbytes over here... a new-ish view on skipper Jones located here... all the local Times-Colonist stories and tidbits compiled here... and the last word from CP here.

Times Colonist photo by Adrian Lam (with story here).

Thanks to The Curling News contributing bloggers Margo Weber and the very busy Elaine Dagg-Jackson.


try564 said...

The Scotties was an amazing tournament and it was nice to see Team Jones win back-to-back.

Best of luck to them at the Worlds.

Huskers-For-Palin said...

No mention down south of the US Olympic Trials????